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February 16, 2012

~Bride's Death in SUJUD~

Assalamualaikum =)

baca lah entry kat bwh,ai dpt email dr srg kawan
Smoga kita juga diberi hidayah sepertinya
menjadi salah satu antara org2 terpilih

True Strory Told By Shaykh
"Abdul Mohsen al Ahmad",

It Happened in Abha (Saudi Arabia)

" After Performing Salat Al Maghrib,
She Put Her Make-Up,
Wore Her Beautiful White Dress Preparing Herself For Her Wedding Party,
Then She Heard The Adhan Of ‘Ishaa
And She Realized That She Broke Her Wudu
She Told Her Mother :
“ Mother, I Have To Go To Make Wudu And Pray ‘ Ishaa ”
Her Mother Was Shocked :
“Are You Crazy ? !!
Guests Are Waiting For You,
To See U !
What About Your Make –Up ?
It Will Be All Washed Away By Water !! ” Then She Added
” I Am Your Mother And I Order You Not To Perform Salah Now !
Wallahi if You Make Wudu Now,
I Will Be Angry At You ”
Her Daughter Replied :
” Wallahi I Won’t Go Out From Here Till I Perform My Salah !
Mother You Must Know That
" There is No Obedience To Any Creature in Disobedience To The Creator." !!
Her Mother Said :
” What Would Our Guests Say About You When You'll Show Up in Ur Wedding Party Without Make-Up ? !
You Won’t Be Beautiful in Their Eyes !
And They Will Make Fun Of You ! ”
The Daughter Asked With A Smile :
” Are You Worried Because I Won’t Be Beautiful in The Eyes Of Creations ?
What About My Creator ? !
I Am Worried Because,
if I Miss My Salah,
I Won’t Be Beautiful in His Eyes
” She Started To Make Wudu,
And All Her Make-Up Was Washed Away,
But She Didn’t Care
Then She Began Her Salah
And At The Moment She Bowed Down
To Make Sujud,

She Didn’t Realize That it Will Be Her Last One !
Yes ! She Died While in Sujud !

What A Great Ending For A Muslimah
Who insisted On Obeying Her Lord !
Many People Who Heard Her Story
Were So Touched !!
She Put Him And His Obedience
First in Her Priorities,
So He Granted Her The Best Ending
That Any Muslim Would Have !
She Wanted To Be Closer To Him,
So He Took Her Soul in The Place
Where Muslim Are The Closest To Him !

SubhanaAllah !
She Didn’t Care if She Would Be Beautiful in The Eyes Of Creatures
So She Was Beautiful in The Eyes Of Her Creator !

imagine if You Are in Her Place ! What Will You Do ?
What Will You Choose :
Pleasing Creations Or Your Creator

Do You Guarantee That You Will Live For
The Next Minutes ? Hours? Months? !!
No One Knows When Their Hour Will Come ?
Or When Will They Meet Angels Of Death ?
So Are You Ready For That Moment ?

psstt..May Allah Guide Us And Grant Everyone Who is Reading These Lines Good Ending..Ameen...


  1. "” Are You Worried Because I Won’t Be Beautiful in The Eyes Of Creations ?
    What About My Creator ? ! "

    suke ayat yang ni... :)

  2. SubhanaALLAH..moga kita juga di berikan Hidaya dariNYA..Aminn..!!

  3. subhanallah..
    sanggup tanggalkan makeup untuk bersolat pd hari pntg bgnya..

    tp kite.. sanggup x solat disebabkan makeup.. sgp x solat disebabkan sesuatu yg lain..

    :( hidup kite belum tahu di mana akhirnye..

    huhuhuhu.. kagum dgn wanita ini.. mati dalam keadaan yg sangat baik.. alhamdulillah..

  4. Kalo kita mgkin abaikan kewajipan yg satu tu pd hr bahagia kan.yelah dh di make up cantik2 plak tu.

    Smoga kita juga d beri hidayah dan iman yg kuat tuk stiasa taat pd Allah.insyaallah

  5. bgs nye sikap dyer yang pnting kan solat, smpai mak dyer suruh jgn pun dye tetap nk buat jugak...kalau semua org muslim macam ni kan bgs, aman duniA!!

    new entry

  6. @Mishter Izwän
    a'ah kan..kalo suma org ikut perintah Allah tggl larangannya mesti aman dunia kan..xdenya huru hara curi2 bagai sbb suma takut kan dosa..:)

  7. Semoga kita jua akan sentiasa mendapat hidayah;)


Kamsahamnida! (^_^)